Three Positives Each Day

A few months ago a friend on Facebook was nominated to write three positives in her life for each day and to keep it going for a week. This was before the ice bucket challenge.

I have since read that writing down three positive things that have happened to you each day can bring happiness and change your attitude to your life. So I have been doing this for a week – in the name of research of course. I am really quite happy at the moment.

So, in my writer’s notebook I date each entry and, somewhere during that day, when I am writing down profound thoughts, ideas for the next novel, the first lines of a new poem or a list of things to do with regard to my soon-to-be-published poetry book, Grandma’s Poetry Book, I then jot down ‘3 pos’ followed by whatever pleasurable activities I want to list.

A week ago I wrote ‘3 pos for 17/9’ but actually wrote SEVEN including sniffing the seaweed in the sea air, eating a sausage roll sitting on a wall looking across bay towards the Isle of Wight, listening to the roar of the east wind, walking down to the Coastguard station and lying on a towel in the sun for half an hour. Another day my 3 positives were reading two poems at an open mic night in a local pub, dropping off to sleep more quickly after a slight change in medication and writing two more poems.

This has now become part of my routine, usually towards the evening as I reflect on what I have done or enjoyed. I have made a pact with myself not to put purchases on the list of positives although buying a lovely gilet in a charity shop for a mere £4.50 did feature yesterday. Buying things does not always give us the payback that we believe it will so I am keeping my positives to activities or shared moments such as a walk with my partner and enjoyable tv viewing such as Downton Abbey.

Which reminds me. Downton’s first episode is awaiting my attention on my Freeview recorder so I am off to watch it now!

Then I can add it to today’s positives.

Why don’t you try it and let me know how you get on?


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