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Start a Diet… for Your Mind!

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Posted: 02 Sep 2013 09:57 PM PDT

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend, Carla, came to me and said she was starting a new diet. I then asked, “Cool, what kind of food you can’t eat?”. And she replied, “It’s not a food diet, it’s an information diet, for my mind.”

The basic idea, she explained, is to cut out everything that is even slightly negative. For instance:

  • No more CNN and similar stuff on television, as half the things they broadcast are disasters and tragedies around the world.
  • No more visiting websites like the NY Times or USA Today, again cause half the stuff there involves tragedies around the world. More specific news sites like The Economist are fine.
  • No more watching movies and TV series where people die, suffer and bad stuff happens.
  • No more listening to songs that talk about bad times, being lonely, being sad and so on.
  • No more hanging around with people who only complain and bitch about things in life.

The idea seemed intriguing, so I decided to join her on the diet. Two weeks have passed, and the results are great so far.

For one thing my mood improved and my head seems to be fresher all around the day. It seems like we unconsciously absorb all the negative stuff we come across and store it somewhere on our minds, and that’s why avoiding contact with it will do the trick.

Second, since there’s a lot of stuff I can’t do anymore (e.g., I used to watch one episode of Sopranos or The Waling Dead every day) I am finding myself with a lot of extra time, and I am using that either to work more or to read more.

Overall I am impressed with the results and I believe we are going to stick to this information diet for the long run.

Give it a try and see what kind of results you’ll get.


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