Musings: On Happiness Projects, Life and Mental Health

Cats and Chocolate


Last night, in the small hours of the night, I cracked open my Work Flowy to-do lists to see what lists I wrote last year and the year before that. The lists held all the promise of abandoned projects, things I put on the backburner, habits that I have yet to take up. One of my weaknesses is that I like planning things – I like the initial flush of excitement, the burst of possibility – but then I allow myself to get stuck in a rut. Why am I sharing such failures on my blog, in public? Simply because I’m waking up from a deep sleep, and have realised that I need to take more initiative and do things if I want movement in my life.

One of the projects I started planning and got excited about was undertaking my own Happiness Project, a la Gretchen Rubin. I…

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