There is no doubt that a link exists between dyslexia and depression. I spent many years between 1996 and 2007 assessing young people in Further Education for dyslexia. The language they used when describing their difficulties and school experience mirrors the language used by those who are clinically depressed. Self-descriptions such as ’I thought I was thick’ or even, worse, ‘I was treated as though I was thick’ and, yes, some teachers used the word. Unbelievable though this may seem there are still some teachers who lack a clear understanding about the difficulties the dyslexic student faces.

Then there are references to how they apply themselves to their work. Reports abound with ‘must try harder’, ‘need to work harder’. The bright youngster who can answer questions orally and take part in classroom debate fails to impress teachers when he or she does not produce written work which matches their oral…

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