Bi-polar and anti-depressants – a bad mix?


A couple of weeks ago in my blog on mental health and my challenging bi-polar I mentioned that I was not on anti-depressants any more. A friend emailed and expressed surprise ….. and …… admiration.

The truth is that I now know I should never have been taking anti-depressants in the first place and the fact that I have been on them almost continuously since 1992 is down to the medical profession.

I am not sure when I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar II. It was either 1989 or 1992, the dates of my two mid-life breakdowns. I spent two years on Lithium along with anti-depressants but the Lithium stunted my emotions so much that eventually I was taken off the drug with the phrase ‘ok you have been well for a time now.’  That was in 1994. I was left on the antidepressants – Lofepramine – but, after making a…

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